Designing Our Future


Since it’s creation Tekrebel Designs has been a pioneer in many facets of design and technology. With over 15 years of design experience, over hundreds of websites built, and hundreds of millions of hits acquired, TekRebel Design has become the forerunner in web development, business development, internet and viral marketing, and demographic targeting. Why create a department and/or hiring a web designer, web developer, graphic designer, IT, marketer, and advertiser which is exponentially more cost inefficient for a small business when you can go to one company that can do it all…


Red Package
- 2 Webmaster Hours Included for updates.
- 1x Domain Transfer
- Up to 5 pages migrated from old site.
Gold Package
- 10 Webmaster Hours Included for updates.
- 1x Domain Transfer
- Up to 25 pages migrated from old site.
Platinum Package
- 20 Webmaster Hours Included for updates.
- 1x Domain Transfer
- Up to 50 pages migrated from old site.
- Premium SEO
- Priority Troubleshooting

Every package includes:

Storage Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited
Uptime 99.9% Guaranteed
Webmaster Availability 24/7/365 Including all holidays
Site Backup Backups are kept for 1 year and are created monthly



My name is Charles, but you can call me Tekrebel. As you can see in the picture I have the word Tekrebel tattooed on my arm. I live and breath this every single day of my life. So trust in me and my company and there are no limits to the dreams we can achieve together.

One of the top reasons businesses fail within the 1st 3 years is because businesses fail to differentiate themselves from existing enterprise.  We have a never-ending fervor, an insatiable thirst, an unequivocal passion to be the absolute best.

Some of our clients have been with us over 10 years and have thrived within their respective business economies. We’ve adapted as businesses, designs, and technology have evolved and we will continue to do so until we have conquered the world. We have designed the future… and everything beyond…

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